Why Me?

As brands navigate a rapidly changing technology and competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to create top level visuals that are highly effective at driving brand awareness and engagement. 


What I bring

  • Top tier product and lifestyle content in both video and still photography
  • Ideas
  • Pressure doesn’t phase me

Production Experience

My knowledge and experience with best practice productions will protect your business 

  • Special shoot insurance requirements
  • Talent and crew sourcing
  • Prop sourcing
  • Workers comp and correct employee classification so you aren’t on the hook for taxes and penalties
  • City and state permits/police and fire department requirements 
  • Locked down approval process at every stage
  • Copyright law and clearance
  • Handling brand guidelines correctly
  • Handling OTHER brand guidelines. Example using an Apple product in a shot
  • Celebrity handling/security and special requirements
  • Weapons handling/police and armory permits and procedures
  • SAG-AFTRA contracts and payroll services
  • International shooting requirements
  • Licensed drone pilots and FAA/Municipal rules/laws
  • Fire or explosions FX/pyrotechnic and fire department supervision
  • AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) bidding: Line by line breakdown of all costs for disclosure, reuse, and accounting audits
  • AICP Guidelines: On set safety regulations, crew agreements, and legal requirements

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