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Animation Process

The animation process includes a number of tasks that need to be completed before production begins. The information below outlines those tasks, some of which can be in progress simultaneously.

Ideation and Style

What is the story you want to tell? Let’s discuss some possible approaches, the date needed, and any other expectations and questions you may have. Let’s also discuss the style of animation that will be most effective and most fitting for your brand.


We collaborate with you to create an outline of the story, making sure that all key ideas, facts, and touch points are contained in the outline. Once the outline is approved, a professional writer will craft a script based on the outline. Upon script approval, we will move on to the other steps in the animation process. *Please note that we translate into any language.

Voice Over

Some voice over decisions need to be made. Would you like a man or a woman? What tone of voice should your animation have? Serious? Playful? Emotional? Once we understand the desired tone, we will select several options from our large talent pool and send them to you for review. We only use professionals recorded in a state of the art sound recording facility.


We will draw up the characters, environment, and style of the animation based on your preferences.


Based on the script, we will draw a sequence of pictures (called storyboards) that is a representation and guide for our animation.


Our production schedule will vary based on your choice of animation style, length, complexity, and the approval process. Want to get started or have questions? Simply reach out anytime by calling the studio: 347-620-3456. Ask for Jim Mosca.